Live your best life, NOW!” That is what woke me up from a nap the other day. It wasn’t exactly audible. But it felt like an urgent message pounding into my head. I sat straight up and laughed. Really? This simple message? Often dreams give me messages – but rarely are they this simplistic and succinct. I mean, if this is some kind of divine message – wouldn’t it have been a little more, well… poetic or something? So I spent the day kind of shaking my head and laughing about it. But since then, it keeps coming back to me. Whoever sent me this message – my own higher self, an angel, some spirit guide or perhaps God himself or herself, the message was clear and simple. And maybe that is what I need right now… clear and simple.

So how do I live my best life, NOW? (there was an emphasis on the NOW part in the message). I think of my best life as being in the future. Do you do this? I don’t think I’m the only one. There is some future time when you will finally do the things that you’ve really wanted to do. Well, what are we waiting for?

I woke up early this morning. “Live your best life, NOW!” kept playing over and over again, urging me to do just that. So I said to whomever delivered this message, “OK, OK, I am listening.” I got up out of bed and wrote for this blog (I’ve been wanting to write but its been a while). What else can I do NOW that I’ve been putting off for some future moment? This message is obviously universal – not just for me. What can you do NOW to live your best life?