Dream: I’m on a huge slide. I slide down and when I get to the bottom there is a place where you are supposed to jump for the final excitement. It’s part of the ride. I’ve done it before but this time I stop. I’m scared. I look down and I can’t even see the bottom where I will land. This is too scary. I get down and try to approach it another way to make it easier – kind of from the side. A guy comes over to me and says it’s better just to jump the regular way. It doesn’t work when you go sideways. I believe him so I go ahead and jump knowing it might be really scary but I will be OK. When I jump, it’s not what I expect. I fall softly – like I am cushioned as I go down. I am moving slowly, not at all like normal gravity.

Sliding is about letting go. It’s fun to watch kids on a playground, letting go and feeling the thrill of letting gravity take over. In the dream, I’m letting go. But once I reach the bottom of the slide, the dream pushes me to a new edge. Peering over that edge, I feel so scared. I can’t see where I am going to land. I want to jump for “the final excitement” of the ride but I look for a way to make it easier.  I’m on this edge where I am excited to participate in the ride but at the same time I am terrified. At this moment the animus shows up. His advice?

 Jump the regular way. It doesn’t work when you go sideways.

Jumping the regular way is all about trust. It’s about jumping into the unknown; jumping when you can’t see the ground. It is about vulnerability.

Going sideways is stopping, pulling away, looking for a way out. I wonder what “going sideways” means in my waking life.  How do I avoid jumping? Where do I stop myself from trusting? Where do I look for a way out? How do I keep myself from being vulnerable?

When I trust the animus and jump – I get into a different state of being. It’s out of this world, not like normal gravity. Time slows down as I fall softly. The dream shows me that every time I come to the edge and take a leap I can get a little help from the animus. With this level of trust, it’s like I can be part of a different reality.