Dream: I’m walking on a path. There are huge snakes on the path and somehow I can’t help but step on them. I am terrified.  The snakes aren’t moving – just lying there.

Rodger asks me again and again what I feel when I step on the snakes. He is trying to help me get into the feeling of it but I am not sure what I am feeling. It seems like the terror of it subsides once I step on the snakes.

The snake is an archetypal symbol signifying sensuality. The dream shows that I have fear/terror of my own sensuality. But my approach to this archetypal fear is that I muddle on through even though initially I am terrified. Normally someone would run away if they happened upon some huge snakes on a path. Not me, I step right on them. Maybe I have a numbness that allows me to side step the fear and handle it as I step on top of the snakes. Rodger suggests that this may represent what happened when I lost my girl.

How does this relate to my life? When I feel sensuality, what do I do? How do I just plod through, drive through? Apparently, I’ve developed a pathological willfulness and numbness to push on through. Sensuality is about allowing our bodies to receive input from the senses, embracing it, celebrating it. Many of us feel a disconnect from our. I experience this disconnect. Somewhere along the line my sensuality got bypassed and a certain numb, willfulness took over.