Dream: There is a wise Asian man that is showing me and another woman how to cut a watermelon to get to the juiciest, tastiest part – the darker red part deep inside of it. He’s got some special knowledge about it to show us. We eat it together, sloppily diving into it. It’s a messy process but so yummy. Our mouths are dripping with juice.

Juicy. Messy. Sloppy. Tasty. The dream beautifully describes what it is to “dive into” a watermelon. The wise man knows that we must cut right down into it and he is showing us how. There is no holding back. Although it’s a messy, sloppy process we don’t hesitate and we get to taste the yummiest, juiciest part.

Sometimes in dreamwork the girl (soul-self) is described as juicy. The juicy girl is the girl that is full of vitality, full of passion, in her sensuality. The juicy girl is not worried about being sloppy or messy. She just wants to experience tasting the watermelon in all its juiciness. And with that comes a connection with the animus, showing up in this dream as a wise Asian man nourishing her.

Dreams have a way of going back and forth; showing us how we can live and how we’ve been living. They show us “two sides of our own coin” so to speak. In the previous post “Stepping on Snakes” , the dream points out how I’ve spent my life numb to sensuality and passion, willfully stepping on top of it, but not experiencing it. This dream shows me the opposite. Here, in this dream I get to feel that juicy feeling. Rodger says that the heart of the watermelon is like the deep juicy part of my life. It’s the best part, hidden deep inside. This is the beginning of how I am experiencing my soul – the truth of who I am.